Gift for Dad

Gifts For Dad That Will Definitely Not Disappoint

Gifts For Dad That Will Definitely Not Disappoint

They may annoy, infuriate and embarrass us at times, but let’s face it – deep down we adore our old dads. Once those painful teenage rows are out of the way (‘It’s all your fault! I didn’t ask to be born!’) we can start to appreciate our dads for the unique individuals that they are and hopefully build an adult relationship that is based on more than the memory of Auntie Fran’s Christmas mince pie disaster back in 1983. We may not be able to choose our relatives, but when it comes down to it, we know we wouldn’t swap dear old dad for any other father in the world. Despite this, how many of us really go out of our way to let our dads know how much they mean to us? Apart from the occasional hug or hurried telephone conversation, when is the last time you really took time out to show how much you appreciate all your dad has done for you? If alarm bells of guilt are starting to chime, maybe it’s time to make up for some lost time. Christmas, Dad’s birthday and other special days in the year are ideal opportunities to show appreciation for pops. When choosing gifts for dad this year, put some real thought and planning into the process and he’s bound to appreciate it. By avoiding the obvious gifts such as CDs, clothes and bottles of booze, it’s possible to show dad just what a great guy we think he is and how well we know and appreciate him. Of course, just like snowflakes, no two dads are alike. What might bring sheer joy to one father (‘a trip to the opera darling? How wonderful!’) might be sheer agony to another (‘the opera? But I’ll miss Match of the Day!), so it goes without saying that there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to buying gifts for dad. So, it’s time to get a little personal. No, that doesn’t mean reminding dad of the time he got drunk and spilled gravy all over Auntie Fran’s freshly-baked mince pies. Instead, it means putting a little time, thought and effort into gifts for dad that will really mean something to him. Personalised gifts are a great way to show that we’ve done a little forward-planning rather than rushing out to the supermarket en-route to dad’s birthday dinner and adding his name and/or a personalised message can transform a standard gift such as a hip flask, whiskey tumbler or cufflinks, into something super special. Personalised gifts are a rapidly expanding sector of the market and there are some great choices out there that will appeal to every kind of father – from globe-trotting adventurer to pint-supping football fanatic.

If dad has a special birthday coming up, you might want to consider gifts that commemorate the year or date of his birth. For example, the Times Year Book comes in a nicely bound, hardback book that contains a reproduction of the Times Newspaper from the date of the recipient’s birth, as well as newspaper cuttings outlining major events from the following few years. The book can be personalised to feature dad’s name on the front cover and is a nice present to mark a major birthday or other big life event such as retirement. If your dad is more interested in the events of his own life than world news, a great gift idea is the My Life Story 100-year diary. This is the perfect place for dad to scribble notes, stick images and generally collate all those life experiences that might otherwise get lost in the midst of time.

If your dad isn’t the sentimental or introspective type, maybe he’d welcome the opportunity to commemorate the sporting highs of his chosen football team. These personalised hardback books collate cuttings from across the history of all the major UK sides and make great gifts for dad – if you’ve got the budget, you can even have it leather-bound, which makes a handsome birthday gift. If you really want to go all out on a blowout gift for your father, why not get together with other family members to choose a gift that will give him an experience to remember? Flying lessons, 4×4 driving and tandem skydives are just some of the gift ideas out there and are ideal if your dad is the type of chap that likes the odd adrenaline rush. At the other end of the scale, how about an experience that will allow mum to take part too? Hot air balloon rides, romantic nights out in the West End and helicopter flights over London are all available as Experience Day gifts and are bound to be appreciated by mum and dad alike.

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