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The True Meaning of Mother’s Day (Mothers Day Gifts)

The True Meaning of Mother’s Day (Mothers Day Gifts)

Of all the big questions in the world – what is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Who ate the last Hobnob? – There’s only one that needs no explanation and that is ‘why is my mum so fab?’ Mums just are – they feed and water us, spend years cleaning up after us, drive us about to parties in our teenage years, bite their lips (or not) during your first home hair dye experiment and generally provide a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear and a ready hug for the whole family. So having said all of that, it’s amazing how easily we sometimes take our mums for granted – and a fair few of us are still taking home our dirty washing of a weekend or cadging lifts into town when we’re old enough to be looking after ourselves! So this Mother’s Day it’s time that we showed real appreciation for the wonder-women in our lives and planned a day of celebration, treats and lovely Mother’s Day Gifts! After all, Mother’s Day isn’t about tacky commercialism or unnecessary consumption – neither is it about propping up a card and gift industry – it’s simply about giving your mum some time and attention, and making sure you show her how much you care. Yes, some of us aren’t great with fancy words or big gestures – but you can always pick a personalised and special gift which will signal to your mum that you’ve put thought and effort into something that you knew would be special to her. Equally if you are short of ready money, you can go the other way and make something yourself for the ultimate in personalised gifts! Even if handicrafts aren’t your thing, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation – for example, think of practical presents such as doing her garden, finishing those odd DIY jobs that your dad is never going to get round to… perhaps taking your mum out to see a film or for a curry, or simply popping round with some cakes, making her a cuppa and spending time to chat and listen to her news. Mother’s Day Gifts don’t have to be fancy or exclusive, they just need to be tailored to the recipient and have a personal touch. For this reason it’s also a good idea to accompany your Mother’s Day gifts with a lovely card. Again, think about her personality and what she’ll like most – whether that is a sweet little poem, a humourous and funny card, or a quirky little handmade affair perhaps featuring some favourite family photos. Speaking of presents, some of the greatest are those which involve your time – time being the most precious thing any of us have! You can use the power of the internet to use yours most wisely too… Instead of traipsing around the shops on a busy Saturday, battling the crowds only to find a fairly run of the mill selection of Mother’s Day gifts, why not click online and check out the huge range of perfect presents to buy on the net? The beauty of online shopping is its speed, the huge array, and the ability to compare items and of course the speed in getting your Mother’s Day gifts ordered, dispatched and arriving on the doorstep in record time! And of course with this time that you’ve saved, you can treat your mum to some of your valuable hours by finding a gift to enjoy together… for example there are various excellent ‘experience’ days or trips which are fantastic gifts. If your mum fancies tasting the high life for a day – and let’s face it, who doesn’t! – then whisk her off to London to see a top-notch show and enjoy a meal too – before you stay for the night in a city centre hotel. This is a fantastic present which will give her plenty of memories to treasure and enjoy – not mentioning a healthy dose of excitement and escapism from the everyday grind! We all need some luxury and pizzazz in these difficult times! You might also want to treat her to a spa visit beforehand to relax and feel pampered before her big trip. There are various packages available at spas and country houses across the UK, and you can tailor the package to include treatments that your mum will like and perhaps a lunch too. Combine both spa and London trip, and suddenly your Mother’s Day Gifts are elevating themselves into the stuff of legend! Your mum will really have the chance to see how much you care and have a fantastic day to enjoy too with tons of special memories and fun.

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